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• The Test-Station platform is compatible with all Internet Navigators and does not require the installation of any application to operate correctly.

• Test-Station recommends the use of Google Chrome.

• Check if you have a good Internet connection, especially when connected to WiFi.

• To avoid interferences with the connectivity or operating speed, maintain closed all other windows of your navigator (e-mail, chats, Webs, etc.)

The platform is case sensitive; therefore, when passwords are inserted, it will distinguish between upper case and lower case characters. For that reason, password formats must be respected.

When accessing as “Company”, after inserting the password incorrectly 3 times the account will be blocked. To unblock it, you will need to login using another IP or contact your account manager at Test-Station.


In the same process you cannot register two e-mails that are the same. You need to register a new process to which that candidate will be assigned or, alternatively, register the candidate in managed mode and insert a fictitious e-mail to send the access data manually to the candidate.

Firstly, you must ask the candidate if he has checked his SPAM or unwanted e-mail tray. If he confirms that it is not in that e-mail tray, you may resend the passwords to him again, through "E-mail Management” / “ Search Sent e-mail" / "Locate candidate" / "Accept".

Since the e-mail is incorrect, you need to register the candidate again with the correct e-mail.

You need to locate the process to which the candidate was assigned and verify the termination date. If you consider it suitable, change the date to extend the timeline and inform the candidate that now he will be able to login with the same data he received.

In that case, to be able to launch another process you need to request the uploading of units in the module “Dongle Requests” / “New Request”. Once your request has been accepted you will be able to launch the process.

When you login, you will be able to see this information on the top section of the screen where the following appears: User / Name / Units.

They are discounted when the candidate completes the test.

Yes. This download does not imply consumption of units, so long as this is the same report that is linked to the process, and within 12 months from its creation date. Am I able to do it through “Report Management” / “Search for candidate Reports” / “Locate the candidate”/"Select it"/ "Export PDF".

Yes, you should select the new report you need and the units linked to that report will be discounted.

You have access for one year. However, we recommend that, once you download the report, you save it on your PC or network.

For more information on the operative management of process registrations, candidates, e-mail of communication, etc., please see the User Manual, found in "Menu" / "Help Menu" and also in the video tutorials in section “Menu” / “Video Tutorials”.

For the operative management of downloads of different types of reports, downloads in ZIP and Excel, etc., please consult the User Manual. found in "Menu" / "Help Menu" and also in the video tutorials in the section “Menu” / “Video Tutorials”.

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